10 Practical things you can do to help during the Covid-19 pandemic

1. Learn how to wash your hands properly, that is not a joke, it 100% saves lives. Soap and water, 20 secs using NHS method is best. Antibac if no access to soap and water.
2. Have enough in to self isolate for 7-14 days, but don’t stockpile, please, that adversely impacts everyone.
3. I’ve posted in my local Facebook book to start a helping our neighbours thread, so people can post offers of assistance or requests for help. Consider doing this in local groups.
4. Donate to food banks and homeless shelters, their donations are really low and desperately needed.
5. Do not go to the DR, hospital, walkin unless you absolutely have to. Do not stockpile your medication, just have enough in for a month.
6. Check on elderly neighbours, unwell people, those who live alone, disabled pals – anyone who may be at risk. Regularly.
7. If you work with those who do not speak English as a first language there are translations of the official advice available. If you can’t find them, contact me, I’ll signpost you.
8. Don’t put your self or others at unnecessary risk, so consider if you really ought to travel/attend that event. Whilst carrying on as normal for now.
9. If you can afford it, do not ask for a refund. Small businesses or promoters putting on events stand to lose their income. Likewise cleaners, childminders, any services you may cancel. They may not have adequate insurance to cover this or be self employed with no sick pay. Their livelihood is at risk. So, if you can stand to lose that £20, think of those that can’t.
10. Look out for those who cannot look out for themselves.

A health crisis is made so much worse by panic. So remember this is worrying, people will die but we need to be smart, kind and thoughtful. We need to follow official guidance. We need to protect ourselves, our families and those who have no one to protect them. Stronger together ❤


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