Impossibly High Heels

Poem Two –

Watching the women as they hobble and wobble

in their impossibly high heels,

Stacked skyscrapers beneath cracked dry heels.


See them stagger and gather

their skirts above their knees

as they avoid gleaming puddles.


Giggle as they sway and may

indeed stumble or fall.

All for the relentless pursuit of tall.


Stare as they totter and potter

through store after store

of more impossibly high heels.



Living for Today

A quick, furtive glare at the hourglass
is a must I decide as I plait my hair
and shovel on the face I keep for lunching out.
My subtly brown lips smirk as I catch myself
in the mirror. The picture of elegance…I wish.
But as I prepare to leave I consult
my hourglass and stop dead in my tracks.
Where has all the sand gone? I have just half
left but where’s the rest?
Surely I cannot have lived for so long?
Surely I would have noticed life slip by somehow?
I scan the photographic memories on the walls,
searching for an answer,
searching for a hint of time passing, something,
anything, which might make sense.
But the attempt is futile, its nowhere to be found.
No answer, no hint, just so many questions.
And I wonder why the present, which is here, now, this minute,
is all too suddenly yesterday, before, gone.
As I ponder this I notice the black writing of my past
crouching in the corner, waiting to pounce,
perhaps I should leave now say my gold shaded eyes.
I pass by the hourglass and pay it no heed.
For this is today and I live for now.

By: Becky Bite


There is a girl who cries herself to sleep,
There is a girl who sings and dances in the summer
rain and laughs in the winter sun.
There is a girl who slashes her wrists with daisy
chains and jumps from rose petals.
There is a girl who shoots a shot and watches her
life fall around her feet.
There is a girl who wears long flowing skirts, she’s
caked with thick black eyeliner.
There is a girl who drowns in her own mind
and flies into the moon each night.
There is a girl who stands tall and straight
and wades into the sea.
There is a girl who reads poetry and
understands the world but cannot understand herself.
There is a girl who knows how to be sad
and how to be happy but cannot feel.
There is a girl whose hands bleed with
every breath she takes.
There is a girl who slowly climbs the stairs to
womanhood but hurries towards the ever after.
There is a girl who kills herself with every
word she utters.
There is a girl who can’t see anything as
she crumbles.
There is a girl who is always on my mind,
But only in MY head.

by: Becky Bite