A Call to Pens!

Hi! As you may know I have a magazine with a few friends, we are seeking some new helpers. Below is a call to arms, please feel free to send it around!
It’s festival season & we have so much work we don’t know what to do with it! Writers & good photographers needed – we need reviews, articles, interviews etc and WE NEED YOU. Email editor@thebitemag.co.uk if you fancy having a go with a sample of your work. No pay, but FREE Gig tickets, Albums, Festi Tickets and the chance to meet your idols are among the benefits. What are you waiting for?!! We really need some Londoners and those from ‘up north’ so get in touch…

Top Deck

Sat on the top deck of the bus, like a big girl. Only because there was no room downstairs. Despite the view I hate it up here. The embarrassing stumble up the stairs as the bus lurches forward from the stop. The feeling of eyes judging your every move. Then the wait begins…the wait until you have to alight. You know it won’t be pretty! Slipping and tripping down the steps, facing certain death if you fall. Wish me luck 😉


There’s a hunger deep within calling me,
a voice I can’t quite hear.
My desire for something that isn’t free
is binding me to my need.

There’s a need I have that can’t be satiated,
it calls to you I know.
It tricks me because it needs to be fed,
it tells you I want you.

There’s a want in me that cannot be seen,
a lust that can’t be tamed.
It doesn’t care for truth or what has or hasn’t been.
its just starving for flesh.

Feed me.


Poem twenty four http://napowrimo.com

Vacant, disconnected, removed.
Grief washes over you in waves
And I can but watch.
You are floating further away from me,
Barely enough strength to keep yourself going.
I reach out to catch you but
You cannot open your eyes long enough to see me.
I throw you a life raft but I miss.
I knew I would.
You’re drowning now and no one can save you.
My hope is just keeping you afloat.


Poem twenty three http://napowrimo.com

Constrained and bound,
Held at ransom.

Every decision governed,
Free will removed,
Choices stolen.

It’s ‘for the best’
‘The only way’
‘My best chance’

I’m suffocating,
Rejecting the truth.

And in time I breathe,
The air is clear,
The chains unwind.