Exercise and a diet that’s wise.

I’ve neglected the blog of late. One of my new year’s resolutions was to do more with my writing so I’ve set myself a mini challenge. For the next 7 days I’m going to blog a minimum of one thing a day. Just to ‘re start’ the habit and flex the creative muscle.

I firmly believe creativity is like fitness. It needs to be fed well, preferably with wholesome foods but a little bit of trash as a treat does no one too much harm. It needs to be used ‘use it or loose it. It can help keep your mental health in check, increase energy and sexual appetite and generally keep you healthy. But, like exercise, too much of it can lead to addiction or make you unwell.

So eat well, exercise, write, paint, make, draw, create and live.


Poem One – http://www.napowrimo.net/

Let’s begin at the beginning, a very good place to start.

I need to begin.

Somewhere, somehow, I need to find the strength.

Why is it so hard you may ask?

Because to begin I need to

Embrace the end.

The point of a beginning is that it will end.

There is no point starting 

What you won’t finish.

And there’s the rub.

I’m not sure I’m ready to end.

To let it in,

To say what I need to.

I owe you those words that catch in my throat.

I owe myself a chance

to say goodbye.

No matter how hard.

And so to get to my destination, I will need

To Begin.

How many Sunday baths

Will it take?

Soaking away the dirt

And the past.

Until I vow to be reborn, clean and baptised

Into a newer version

Of the same old story.

By: Becky Bite


There is a girl who cries herself to sleep,
There is a girl who sings and dances in the summer
rain and laughs in the winter sun.
There is a girl who slashes her wrists with daisy
chains and jumps from rose petals.
There is a girl who shoots a shot and watches her
life fall around her feet.
There is a girl who wears long flowing skirts, she’s
caked with thick black eyeliner.
There is a girl who drowns in her own mind
and flies into the moon each night.
There is a girl who stands tall and straight
and wades into the sea.
There is a girl who reads poetry and
understands the world but cannot understand herself.
There is a girl who knows how to be sad
and how to be happy but cannot feel.
There is a girl whose hands bleed with
every breath she takes.
There is a girl who slowly climbs the stairs to
womanhood but hurries towards the ever after.
There is a girl who kills herself with every
word she utters.
There is a girl who can’t see anything as
she crumbles.
There is a girl who is always on my mind,
But only in MY head.

by: Becky Bite