It’s all new and fresh and young,
Glistening like promise on a spring flower.
My fragile, tender silence begs you:
Do not break me for I am weak.

You, with your warm, enveloping skin,
and deep dark, dangerous eyes.
I feel my future in your gentle kiss,
Sense no goodbyes in your eyes.
You are mine.
And I jump into your pool,
sacrifice myself for just one minute more,
to be only yours.

My heart is racing to catch you,
beating so hard it might just burst,
I have an unquenchable thirst and desire
for you and us, for this, our love.
Let it rain.

For GJ 06/10/14

pic credit: unknown tumblr find, please advise if know
pic credit: unknown tumblr find, please advise if know

Mud Washes Off

There he is, just a man.
The distance between our bodies
small but impossible to cross.
The night is dark and cold
but the heat of something
envelops us in
it’s charms.

Here I am, a lost girl.
I do not know how I got here.
I only know I cannot leave
his electric eyes shoot
sparks deep down inside me,
our way on the black
road ahead.

Show me your intentions
Let me first know your hand before
I reveal my cards, or fold.
This game is already
lost. We both understand.
The silence
sings with words we daren’t
yet speak.

A desire, justified
by a rare depth of connection,
begins to bridge the gap, that space
between us. Allows us to
creep closer to what we want.
Our lips
touch. Now its too late.
We kiss.

Everything I thought I
wanted melts away till all that’s left
is you, you and I, us, this kiss.
The moments reality
is huge and hard to bare.
It hurts
but it’s exciting
and ours.

We want so much more than
just this brief moment of time we
stole. But we know the clock is ticking.
We know that I must leave.
The kiss ends, the spell breaks
and I
run away, too scared to
look back.

The rain is holding off
but the tears show no such mercy.
They spill down my cheeks as I run
away from the truth and back
towards my pretty lie.
Eyes open,
heart in shreds, lips still

As I arrive home, boots splattered, I realise…
The mud will wash away but the memory will stay forever.

Cephalopod Cell

You call me your addiction,
your dangerous desire and need.
I feel you would not want me,
if you had a choice.
So I infect you with my poison,
fuel your constant urge to feed.
I sit there right beside you,
you will always hear my voice.
My touch, so cold it burns,
confuses even me.
You want me to want you,
but you wish I’d let you go.
If you could run and never look back,
I know you’d leave, I’d see.
But the awkward chains we wear
always keep us nice and slow.
No break for freedom, no grand gesture.
Just a complicated bind.
A tangle of tentacles so strong,
an inky merk so thick and full of dread.
A love so toxic we gave up our souls,
and now you give your mind.
This was the best way, the only way.
I’m devoured, forever in your head.

Living for Today

A quick, furtive glare at the hourglass
is a must I decide as I plait my hair
and shovel on the face I keep for lunching out.
My subtly brown lips smirk as I catch myself
in the mirror. The picture of elegance…I wish.
But as I prepare to leave I consult
my hourglass and stop dead in my tracks.
Where has all the sand gone? I have just half
left but where’s the rest?
Surely I cannot have lived for so long?
Surely I would have noticed life slip by somehow?
I scan the photographic memories on the walls,
searching for an answer,
searching for a hint of time passing, something,
anything, which might make sense.
But the attempt is futile, its nowhere to be found.
No answer, no hint, just so many questions.
And I wonder why the present, which is here, now, this minute,
is all too suddenly yesterday, before, gone.
As I ponder this I notice the black writing of my past
crouching in the corner, waiting to pounce,
perhaps I should leave now say my gold shaded eyes.
I pass by the hourglass and pay it no heed.
For this is today and I live for now.

By: Becky Bite

Pretend you don’t see her

You pretend you don’t see her
when she stands there in front of you,
when she strips off her layers of dignity
and paints herself with pretence.
You just don’t see it.

You pretend you can’t hear her
as she screams her quiet protests,
and when she throws your memories off the dresser
you try to ignore it.

You pretend you won’t speak to her
so she questions her answers
and when she puts on ideals for you
you fail to notice them.

You pretend you don’t see her
when she applies sensuality and lip gloss
and as her body sings its rhythms for you
you just won’t listen.

By: Becky Bite