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This is Something Blue, Something New, my blog about mine and my husband’s adventures as we embark on our newly married life and, more importantly, trying new things! My husband has lived in Bristol since 1994, I moved here in 2012. Unbelievably we are still finding new things we haven’t done, or visited, or experienced in this wonderful city. So why not start now? Join us as each month we take you on a new adventure with us.

I’ve had this blog since about 2010. It’s been through several unsuccessful iterations and the last push was in 2014 I think. I decided to do something with it finally. 2019 was the year we got married, and it featured some of my favorite memories. Not least our wedding day, honeymoon and Sten do! However it was also a year with some significant health challenges for me, and with that also some mental health issues. I have veered between utterly excited and happy to being unable to leave the sofa. This blog will, hopefully, go some way towards addressing some of these challenges.

Every month we’ll commit to trying something new in Bristol and telling you all about it. It might be an experience, visiting a new place, eating somewhere different or conquering a fear. We’ll also try to highlight some of the positive, helpful things going on in our city. The political landscape has got very dark and confronting recently and we need a bit of light shone on all the good things going on to remind ourselves that we can be better.

I’ll also blog about life, probably the cat quite a bit, feminism, geeky things and travel. And I might even Vlog some of it, if I can work out how to!

Stroll through our categories and feel free to leave us a comment or message, we love hearing from you. If you have any ideas for new experiences we’d love to hear about those too.

Becky, Gareth & Lily (the cat) x


We are Becky & Gareth and we got married in April 2019 at the Bristol Old Vic, it was a magical day! We live in a lovely flat in Bristol with our gorgeous white cat Lily. I work in the NHS and Gareth works for a website. We also have a wedding DJ and events business together Different Class Disco and promote occasional gigs. Gareth’s favorite colour is red, he likes collecting vintage robots and unusual Christmas albums. Becky’s favorite colour is blue, she collects russian dolls and Marvel figurines. Gareth loves Korean cinema, Becky loves horror films, they both love cats.

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