Fury at Hammerfest – Orginally published in The Bite Mag

Fury, yes that’s the band I have been going on and on about since Hammerfest in March. They are a 4 piece thrash/speed metal band with a clear NWBHM influence. They are also a small band with big plans, playing the media game really well and understanding and appreciating the role of the press. Connecting with their fans very effectively through their social networks and putting huge effort into it (which has been rewarded, check out their ‘likes’ on facebook!) and with a great selection of merchandise available, they are like a powerhouse of marketing before they even begin.

However all of this is going to get a band only so far. Surprisingly enough you do need talent, even in this day and age, and believe me…they have it in bucket loads. I caught up with Julian, Joel, Alisdair and Martin before they went on stage at Hammerfest for a quick chat at their chalet. They are tuning up their equipment and cracking open the rider when I arrive. Having been added late to the lineup they unfortunately can’t stick around for the festival and will have to rush off to play the final of a Battle of The Bands. ‘We only entered it as favour’ they tell me ‘because a band had to pull out last minute’. They didn’t expect much to come of it but they ended up being voted through to the final.

Fury are a Worcester based band and through a few lucky connections are beginning to get the credit they deserve. Don’t get me wrong they do work hard. When I asked them what they had coming up they bombard me with gig info. Including some key events in London, Birmingham, Glasgow and Leicester. They also tell me they hope for a mini UK tour in July, possibly a German tour and hopefully Greece in October. They were also booked to play the Hard Rock Roadtrip to Ibiza. So basically, world domination right?! ‘Hopefully’ laughs lead singer Julian Jenkins. He comes across as a very shy, sensitive man. Not at all the kind of ego fuelled front man I usually meet! But he transforms on stage into something quite ferocious and powerful to watch.

This is their first timing playing the festival and we chat about how nice it is having proper toilets. One of the band (I’ll name no names!) tells a story about a bathroom emergency at a festival once where he was forced to use a loaf of bread as they’d run out of bog roll. Why bread I ask through tears of laughter? ‘It’s more absorbent’ he says. I’m guessing nights out with this lot could get messy!

I ask them about whether they hope to get signed; they have chosen an independent route so far. They tell me that this way there’s ‘more control for the band, but you have to be prepared to work’ and so far everything I’ve seen tells me these guys are. Alasdair Davies, the drummer, and Joel Peters, guitarist, are the two who seem to put a lot into the organisational aspects and talk most animatedly about the bands future plans. This is the kind of drive that’s needed.

Martin Trail, the very smiley bassist, tells me with great glee how he wishes they could stay to see Evile and Anthrax. The rest of the band chime in with bands they’d like to see, such as Skindred, Savage Messiah, Amon Amarth, and you can just tell how much they really love music. I love bands at this point in their careers, hungry and eager and all about the sound…before they get cynical or bored or too media savvy. I wish the guys the best of luck and head off to enjoy their set. Which I do. I even spy Benji Webb moshing along in the crowd.

When I asked them to describe the band in 3 words they gave me energy, power and epic. The set really lived up to that and I have their album on a constant loop when I get home. I urge you, go and see this band, you will not be disappointed. They are indeed, epic!


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