Cephalopod Cell

You call me your addiction,
your dangerous desire and need.
I feel you would not want me,
if you had a choice.
So I infect you with my poison,
fuel your constant urge to feed.
I sit there right beside you,
you will always hear my voice.
My touch, so cold it burns,
confuses even me.
You want me to want you,
but you wish I’d let you go.
If you could run and never look back,
I know you’d leave, I’d see.
But the awkward chains we wear
always keep us nice and slow.
No break for freedom, no grand gesture.
Just a complicated bind.
A tangle of tentacles so strong,
an inky merk so thick and full of dread.
A love so toxic we gave up our souls,
and now you give your mind.
This was the best way, the only way.
I’m devoured, forever in your head.


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